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15 tips for organising an event birthday party

1. Planning Your Expenses

Before starting any initiative, write down in advance the eventual expenses you may have when organising your event | party. It doesn’t matter if it is a small event or a big party. By planning your expenses for this event | party, you will be better able to prepare for possible setbacks and avoid losses.
To make it easier, our professional team has created a plan that can be helpful when calculating all the expenses for your event | party by simply logging on to our website.
Remember to be as organised as possible, without leaving important decisions to the last minute. Furthermore, it is essential to know exactly what will be necessary for the event | party to happen according to your plans. Analyze everything carefully, in order to save on the total amount of your event | party, cutting down on small expenses that are not indispensable.

2. Choose The Right Location

Make an estimate of how many people will be invited, in order to find a suitable location for your event | party. In the case of a small event | party, it is possible to hold it in a restaurant lounge or in private spaces. Regardless of the space, do not forget that it needs to have the capacity for the expected number of guests for your event | party, as well as all the normal requirements (health and safety) to avoid possible problems. In the meantime, you can leave all this logistics to our professional company.

3. Think Twice Before Setting The Date And Time

When the time comes to set the date for your event | party, think twice to avoid making mistakes. For example, do not schedule the event | party too close to a holiday, after all, many people usually travel and take advantage of “bridges”. Another caution should be taken with regard to school exam weeks, if the target audience of your event | party is teenagers.
In relation to scheduling your event | party, the main caution is linked to the day of the week. If it is an event | party scheduled on a weekday, starting late can mean failure, even if the birthday person is very popular. On the other hand, events | parties that take place on days before Saturdays and Sundays can start and end late, with few exceptions.

4. Check The Style Of The Birthday Person

Start decorating based on the tastes of the birthday person so that your event | party represents their style. Search for creative ideas for your event | party, but if you don’t feel confident in decorating, just hire an expert in this area by consulting us. They will know exactly how to satisfy the birthday girl and guests for your special event | party.

5. Prepare Something Personalized…… If You Wish

This is an object to be given to each guest, together with the invitation to the event | party. It can be a bracelet or any other accessory that matches the theme of your event | party, and that will be a souvenir one day later.
No matter how everything goes as planned, it is imperative to ensure that your guests remember this event | party from a simple souvenir (or a small token).

6. Establish Criteria For The Guest List

Of course, you always want to invite everyone you know to your event, but the ideal is to establish criteria for the guest list – only include those who are special. The birthday person should think about people who are part of your life and who can be present at this event | party. If the venue’s capacity does not accommodate the number of guests, it is recommended to cut down on the basis of contact and intimacy. That is, inviting relatives by obligation and leaving friends out is not a good measure for your event | party, after all, there are relatives who are distant or who only stay a little for dinner or a few minutes at your event | party.

7. Put All The Information On The Invitation

When preparing the invitation to the event/party, include all the necessary information so that your guests know how to dress and how to get to the venue, as well as the day and time when the event/party will take place. The design of the invitation should be in harmony with the theme and event | party, consequently, with the rest of the decoration. Also, try to send the invitations as early as possible, so that the confirmation does not take too long to be present at your event | party. It is also possible to send virtual invitations, depending on the situation you require for your event | party.

8. Be Careful When Designing The Party Menu

One of the reasons for the success of an event | party is the type of menu (food and drinks). See what best suits the theme selected for your event | party. Also define how the guests will be served at your event | party, in harmony with the other professionals of the hired spaces.

9. Hire a Special Attraction

If you have some money left over, you can use it to make your event | party even more interesting. For your event | party, hire a special attraction, like an actor/actress to dance with the birthday girl/boy, a DJ, a comedian to entertain the guests or even a local band to play some special songs at your event | party.

10. Check All The Details Before You Begin

Be sure to check all the details before the start of your/our next event/party by: www.vipparty.pt

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