June 4, 2018 finks79


The cities of Lisbon and Porto (Portugal) are very beautiful cities and while you are here you should definitely make the effort to see as much as you can. While other tourists can settle for the tour bus or a walking tour, you ladies, deserve to travel in style!
Here at Vip Party Portugal we believe that our Party Bike for farewell parties in Lisbon and Porto is the best way for any bride who loves to have fun traveling in her big weekend in these cities. It’s fun, it’s unusual, always on the edge of the famous Rivers, and always with drinks on board.
This is perfect for the group of girls who are dying to see the best of Lisbon and Porto but they are also eager to avoid wasting valuable time that could be spent with a glass or two of their favorite drink. It is a real dilemma, but when you are visiting these cities of Portugal, you simply do not have to worry about it.
They will have full support of a Barman service aboard the Bike Party.
Ask us for more information by www.vipparty.pt

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