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Now, ladies, we have a gift for you! No bachelorette party would be complete without laughter, champagne, good food and, of course, beautiful male strippers. For your bachelorette party is one of our best options for an absolutely first-class entertainment evening to start your evening with a real buzz. After being greeted by a cocktail party, you can eat a hot buffet before things get even hotter with a show featuring some mouth-watering male strippers, a hilarious trailing artist and sexy male support dancers will be present at the Your bachelorette party. This fantastic Vegas-style evening of fun, glamor and glamor will certainly have something for everyone, getting some great memories of your great weekend with all your friends at the memorable bachelorette party. This is a full strip show and may not suit all parties, but if you like lots of laughs and it’s not too easy to shock, our bachelorette party is one of our best recommendations for your group of friends at Lisbon.

The lords on stage really are nothing short of spectacular and, of course, go straight to any farewell party, especially for the future bride. This really is a “BIG” night, we are sure you will see what we mean when the show starts at your bachelorette party.

You and the girls can enjoy their own butler for just one night, wearing little more than a bowtie, cuffs and an open back apron. Whether you want it to arrive in your apartment, home or in a private area in a bar, this can be the perfect treat to create lots of smiles and eyebrows! While some chickens run into their cameras and glasses, you can prepare your hen party for your evening chores. Once your man-Friday has arrived, there is no need to lift a finger here, as your new butler will take care of everything from serving drinks to providing entertainment. If you know that your chicken is a sucker for a pair of chiseled pecs, a protruding biceps or two and a perfectly perched back, then this activity will have you in good godmother books for months!
But please try not to return any of our bachelorette butlers with toothbrushes, no matter how tasty they look and how tempting it is, we need them all in perfect working order.

Ask us for more information by www.vipparty.pt

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