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The coming out party is a rite of passage for our best friend, who is the bride. She is about to end a cycle that until then was shared with all her friends, beginning a new phase, that of being married, which will be shared by her partner.
For this reason, tradition dictates that this stage is concluded with a last farewell party, still as a single woman, with her closest friends. It will be a farewell moment, full of memories and stories that will always be remembered.
The type of celebration for the bachelorette party, depends on your tastes, and varies from starting with simple quiet snacks in your home to a superb dinner in a restaurant, followed by a big foot dancing in one of the famous discos in town.
Some more daring brides take the risk of a striptease show at their bachelorette party, which can be in a private venue or in a venue to be arranged.
It’s up to you, whatever the case, the bachelorette party is a tradition that cannot be left aside, so our company VipParty presents you with some ideas for your bachelorette party, facilitating all the planning of your party and making the moment even more unforgettable.

The responsibility for organising the bachelorette party always lies with your closest friends, as the bride at this time will be busy dealing with the preparations for her big day.
A golden rule is directed towards the organisers of the big bachelorette party night, which is: – “Do not do to the bride what you would not like done to you!” – so there is no need to do such mischief!
The idea is to have fun together in this bachelorette party, understanding the bride’s ideas and respecting her wishes.
It is up to the bride and groom to define the theme of the hen party and the places of entertainment; to think of a possible decoration; the food and drink to be savoured on this day; to distribute invitations; to think of different games, and a bit more… !

It is recommended that the hen party takes place one to two months before the wedding date, so that it is not too close to the big day.
The bachelorette party is another moment to have fun and forget the stress generated by the organisation of the wedding party.
It is important that the organisers give you plenty of notice, so that you make a note of it in your diary.

The first point to be defined is really what kind of bachelorette party you want The bachelorette parties can be held from a friend’s house, in a restaurant or you can rent a space where all the friends and family can participate, leaving all this logistics to our company VipParty.

It is very important that you feel at ease at this bachelorette party; therefore only the people who are closest and most relevant to you should be invited. Ideally, a get-together with just your best friends would be ideal.

There’s no shortage of fun games to liven up your hen party. Be prepared, because some embarrassment will arise! Your friends will make jokes and the important thing is to live the moment and make the most of it!
Some suggestions for this hen party are: riddles, gift giving, dances, karaoke and even spicy games…!
This part that we now present to you is aimed at your friends who are going to organise your hen party, but you can take a peek at the pranks that they can do to you on the day!
Vocês amigas, têm que pensar primeiro sobre a personalidade da noiva. You should not make her feel embarrassed at her bachelorette party, for example, if she is very shy.

A super fun idea is to have a bachelorette party, where everyone dresses alike and with all the accessories of a chosen theme.

One of the many elements that add an “atmosphere” to bachelorette parties are the little toys on display, and for sale, at every sex-shop in town.

Before the bachelorette party, a friend, will have to quiz the groom. She will ask him several questions and he will have to answer … and everything will be recorded.
On the day of the bachelorette party they will ask the bride the same questions, to see if she can guess what the groom has answered. If she gets it wrong she will have to play a game imposed by the group of friends; if she gets it right she will win, like a gift!

In this bachelorette party, this game is very traditional. If the bride gets the gift right, the guest who gave it has a punishment. Getting it wrong, the bride wears a garment/lingerie over her clothes. In the end, the bride will have to simulate the striptease she will do on her wedding night, taking off only the lingerie pieces she won, remaining clothed.

To end the bachelorette party on a high note, take a photo and distribute it among your friends, thanking them for their presence with a unique and original souvenir.

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