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We propose some tips and ideas on how to organize a bachelorette party or a party for brides in the city of Lisbon – Portugal.
The bachelorette party is a rite of passage for all brides, representing the closure of a cycle that until then had been shared with friends and marks the transition to a new phase of your life, which will now be shared with your new partner.
Therefore, tradition dictates concluding this stage of the bachelorette party with one last night out(s) as a single woman with her faithful friends, one of the most complicated parts being reaching an agreement with all your friends for the scheduling of the date of your bachelorette party.
Of course, the so-called “night out” of the bachelorette party in this case is only symbolic. The type of party for the bachelorette party depends on the bride’s profile, and varies from the beginning of a friendship meeting in her house|hotel to the big celebration of the convivial dinner for everyone, to going to discos where a stripper show is scheduled for the whole city of Lisbon.

In VipParty we have prepared some ideas and options for your bachelorette party:

SPA WITH FRIENDS: Several types of massages, with facial masks and more. All these are things that all women like and that, on the eve of a wedding, the bride should really need on her bachelorette party.
Organise a day or a weekend for your bachelorette party, which you will spend alone with your friends, keeping your conversation faithful, getting your nails done, getting your makeup done, getting your hair done and more.

POLE DANCE CLASS: You know that very sensual erotic dance, where you and your friends can, as part of your bachelorette party, include such a class with a professional teacher. You can also learn how to do a good strip-tease, a lap-dance, tango, zumba and everything always in exclusive spaces.

SWIMMING POOL PARTY: If you or any of your friends have a pool at home, or just consult us for a rental price, where you can have a great hen party with a variety of tastings and drinks of what you most appreciate. A bachelorette party like this, is also a great place to hang out with very little clothes, playing games, getting a tan with some natural sun rays, culminating with a great barbecue.

DETAILS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE: Buy special accessories for your bachelorette party, such as a veil or tiara for the bride, t-shirts or custom blouses for the whole group, details that will make this day a great success.

WE HAVE A WIDE VARIETY OF ENTERTAINMENT OPTIONS: Paintball games, canoeing, horse riding, flying boats, climbing safely and much more in your bachelorette party. The adrenaline will soar with the whole group always together, where you will be guaranteed fun and great moments of pure excitement before the big day.

Enjoy these bachelorette party ideas and plan an unforgettable get-together with our company VipParty.

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