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Bubble football was born in denmark. It is a new variant of purely fun football for all participants, with the particularity of inflatable bubbles – which are part of the players’ equipment and allow them to make acrobatic plays and hit one with the others with total security.
How to play bubble football – lisbon?
Bubble football is played in a smaller field, around 24mx16m, between two teams with 4 players each. The goalposts are also smaller because there is no goalkeeper. In the fields of the city of lisboa-portugal, we are using the beacons of dimensions 2,60mx1,55m. The games have two 10-minute parts. The starting whistle is given with the ball in the center and with both teams aligned on the respective bottom lines. It is allowed to hustle even without a ball, except for the back of the body.
What is included bubble football – lisbon?
This game is played for + -01 hours to
groups of 8 to 20 people, including:
• synthetic soccer field
• wc’s with hot water showers etc.
• 08 bubbles normal size and xl
• supply of soccer balls, color vests, etc.
• 02 monitors referees
• collecting photo and video clips with flash interview
• player support bar (to pay directly for water,
juices and of course cold beers … etc)
Recommendations bubble football – lisbon:
before each action, the responsible monitor explains the rules of the game and security, and here are some recommendations:
• the presence on the field of play half an hour before the scheduled time for action.
• footwear with metal studs is not permitted.
• the use of metallic objects such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, earrings and others that may damage the bubbles is not permitted.
• it is recommended to wear long-sleeved sweaters.
• bubbles are not allowed during the game …
Bubble football – lisbon
we deal with everything for your group of friends including the transfers services of the players (or it is serious as in the television or not), through: |